Licitaţii   Vietnam, Anunt licitatie: Core Banking System Implementation for the People's Credit Funds

Vietnam, achizitie servicii IT: Core Banking System implementation

Denumirea licitatiei

Anunt licitatie: Core Banking System implementation

for the People’s Credit Funds

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Obiectul licitatiei

Achizitie servicii  IT:   Core Banking System implementation

Produsele licitate

Core Banking System implementation for the People’s Credit Funds

Numele firmei organizatoare

Development International Desjardins (DID)

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Persoana de contact/functia

Ms. Tran Thi Hoang Yen

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Documentele licitatiei (caiet de sarcini, etc.: adresa de unde se poate obtine, pretul achizitiei)

Interested parties are invited to receive the detailed Request for Proposals(RFP) by email only from Ms. Tran Thi Hoang Yen, email:   and submit their proposal exclusively composed in English.”  / Cei interesati sunt invitati sa primeasca RFP si sa-si depuna propuneri/oferte exclusiv in engleza doar  la adresa de email mai sus mentionata.

Orice solicitare de clarificare poate fi trimisa la aceasta adresa inainte de miercuri, 15 august 2018, ora 17:00, ora locala Vietnam.

Termenul de valabilitate a ofertelor

  • Ofertantii calificati vor fi notificati cu privire la rezultatul procedurii pana luni, 01 octombrie 2018.
Termenul de depunere a ofertelor (data si ora)

Termenul limita pentru depunere propuneri/oferte este  vineri, 31 august 2018.

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Experienta necesara 1. Responsibilities: The main tasks to be completed are summarized below:
  •  Perform analysis of existing system in PCF’s
  • Study business requirements
  • Customize CBS solution to the requirements of the PCF
  •  Perform system installation
  •  Perform data migration between old CBS system and new CBS system
  •  Perform testing
  •  Conduct technical training and business training
  •  Conduct periodical maintenance


  • The Tenderer should have experience during the past five years(5) in providing Core Banking Solutions system
  • The Tenderer should have at least two (2) successful contracts involving the development, supply, implementation and support of an integral CBS and components of the system and related linkages and preferably at least one of them was in a country environment similar to that of  Vietnam
  • The Tenderer should have sound financial standing, necessary for undertaking the assignment
  • The Tenderer should have expertise in specialized technology areas, such as Data Centre & DRS Management, Networking, Security architecture, Application&Database Architecture, Cloud-Based Computing, Scalability standards and Performance Evaluation and bench marking, etc.
  • The Tenderer shall have a professional team to provide pre & post implementation support to the PCFs in selected provinces across Vietnam.
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